Qualifications Checklist

Any career change requires a frank and honest assessment of your qualifications.  While we would like to assist all who approach us, we are only able to help those having the qualifications to work for a major national or international law firms.

Like all markets, the market for first tier legal talent is driven by the forces of supply and demand. And the supply of quality legal talent currently exceeds the market demand from law firms and major companies.

Hence, the following checklist should assist you in determining whether or not you are likely to be successful in obtaining positions with our clients.  This checklist in no way seeks to make any judgment about the necessary academic or other qualifications necessary to be a fine and able lawyer.  Instead, this checklist simply acknowledges the market realities that our candidates have faced in seeking employment with major national and international firms, or other prestigious firms that have very high academic and other standards.

Checklist -- Are you eligible to work for a major national or international law firm?

--Are you currently employed by a well-known, major international or national law firm, or are you employed by a prestigious, highly-regarded boutique or regional firm?

--If not, do you have outstanding academic credentials from law school?  (success at a first tier law school; law review; top 3 at a regional school; other well-known academic achievements and awards)

--Do you have experience relevant to any specific posted position?

The ideal candidate is able to answer these questions affirmatively (note that a candidate currently employed by a regional firm, with very strong academic credentials, may successfully be placed with a major firm).  Even for more senior candidates, grades and academic achievements still matter.  And relevant experience is extremely important too.

Our experience suggests that a candidate having substantial experience and responsibility at a smaller or regional firm cannot overcome academic deficiencies.  Realities such as these are market driven.  Simply put, when a hiring partner has multiple candidates with outstanding experience, those with the best academic records will be interviewed.

Given the realities of the current market, we endeavor to make an initial determination as to the qualifications of any given candidate.  For those that we believe we have a meaningful opportunity to successfully place, we will provide first rate, responsive service and advice.